First Document Object Model (DOM) with HTML & CSS

I was moderately delighted that I somehow subconsciously absorbed the concept of nesting functions.  I was trying to add a "refresh" function to get an ID and replace the secondary inner html with the original.  A clumsy workaround to an actual loop to reset something surely but I wanted to make it work anyhow.  It wasn't working the way I wanted because the document.getElementById function was skipping the secondary or replaced inner HTML and was instead grabbing the original defined earlier.  So I thought of nesting the "refresh" function and replaced the secondary inner HTML.  There is still a problem of course - I can't then go back forward through the replace function to go from the tertiary inner HTML to the secondary.  That's again evidence I need to implement a loop.  I also used my CSS code from my Week 1 homework and adapted that pretty lightly. 

An aside: So, this isn't a sparkling effort but I'm still working through how best to learn to use languages and how to breakdown leftover learning difficulties/avoidances from fifth grade math class, etc.  People keep saying all you need to do is spend time with it and it's completely true. It's the same with math. Hardly anyone is born good at math but I didn't know that back then. It's your attitude towards the work that has to be put into it.