Response to Anil Dash's The Web We Lost and Rebuilding the Web We Lost


I agree with Dash's posits, and: 

The internet is a last frontier of "Democracy" and the "Free Market."  Sadly, those concepts are flimsy to begin with since they are based on middlemen and uppermen aggregating for themselves all the tiny bits the laboring masses can squeeze out.  Kook-sentiments, sure.  The elements at play are based on power-and-choicemaking-by-proxy as well as the consideration of the planet's finite resources (and even those considered as such) to be infinite. 

So even though we saw the rise of the 'Net as a beautifully heterogenous landscape nothing nice ever goes unnoticed by dividend-seekers.  If we are to currently secure that Internet  more will have to change in what our society does about what they know about much more beyond the internet.  Maybe just in the knick-of-time, before its sun slips behind the mountains it will be from the Internet itself that a great (r)evolution will come? ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)?


Despite my tirade of blunt agreement I'd like to add that Dash's proposed ameliorations are admirable.  The diversity of start ups seems key.  The consideration for the social responsibility of giants like Facebook and the affect it has on teens and other socially vulnerable people is also an astute note.