Final Project Brainstorm : Networked Media

  • Create an online user-generated dynamic MIND MAP of ITP ideas, skillets, areas of interest.  Designed to connect ITP student collaborators where they would otherwise only randomly bump into each other over the  peanut butter and jelly or the equipment room counter. Using p5.js, CSS, Javascript and of course HTML.  This is a challenge but the goal here is to create a live version of the demo from my ICM final, practice more with p5 and utilize some of the server side skills introduced in this lab class. 
  • Design a Facebook hack.  I thought of this after I learned that Facebook’s servers request your pre-post status field inputs.  This means Facebook is taking your private thoughts and storing them, selling them.  These are private thoughts which users are under the impression are just keystrokes made on the PC they personally purchased using an internet connection which they likely pay for.  This is an ethical gray area I would like to explore.  I am wondering if I can create a bot (not sure what a bot is) or other program which can find the Facebook status field and simply input flagged terms and delete them without posting at a random interval. I’m curious to see if there will be any action taken from Facebook - provocative.  It's ambitious technically for me but it would be a fun goal; and one creative aspect that interests me is: what are the flaggable terms I would use - names from Homeland Security no-fly lists? 

  • I’m also interested in created a searchable, interactive image-based online version of my latest spec screenplay.  I don't know if I'll ever get to direct it or see it produced but I'm great at image research - I used to do it professionally in the production and development world, so it would be interesting and satisfying to develop a visual reference for every sequence, scene, scene beat, character and location connected via hyperlink or as a more dynamic server-side response and request interaction.  To start I have a JSON file created from Final Draft's native XML format as well as a database of film and visual references when I was doing pitch research a year ago.