Fabrication of a Bike Navigation Module Prototype

This is a prototype enclosure for the Haptec Bike Navigation System I am presenting with my team for the ITP Winter Show.  The angular design fits well inside a bike frame and suggests forward motion and directionality. 


Some features: an inset & interior support for a power switch.  Slots for straps to affix to the bike & I'm especially pleased with the pressfit insets for ceramic disc magnets for the removable lid.   

The circuit design is still in process so more openings for a battery charger and a bluetooth module are in order.  

Things I would do differently or will do further: create contoured layers to constrain the interior components/circuit as well as external contours to acommodate the main bike frame bar this will enclosure hang from. 

This design is an improvement on a few previous prototypes and is based on/related to the LED circuit enclosure.