Materials + Fasteners

I used found materials around the shop - a VCR head I pulled from an old unit on the junk shelf and a piece of red oak from the scrap wood. 

I used a circular saw bit in the drill press and did a kind of medieval cartoon to get the screw holes accurately.   I used the rotary sander to shape the wood and a Dremmel to make sure that the head's spinning pieces would have enough room to spin. 


Things I would do differently: 

I wanted to inset the head more into the wood - possibly at an angle but I didn't give myself enough time to ask someone for a router tutorial which would have been a better choice. 

I should have given myself time to scan the bottom of the head and then create an illustrator file to laser etch the screw positions into the wood too.  I like the VCR head enough as an objet that I might redo this the correct way. 

I also need to find the exact gauge machine screw to secure the head evenly.