XP DUB: Experience Duplicator

A spatio-temporal experiential replicator: User A moves through life in "broadcast" or "pick-up" mode - allowing the wearable brain-computer interface to assemble a geo-tagged set of discreet signals comprised of input from various brain areas.  

Emotions, physical sensations, and sentiment are transmitted to User B's wearable when she happens upon the scene of an experience User A chose to broadcast at a previous time in the same location.

Example scenarios:  

A waterfall - User A has broadcast feelings of pleasure and the sensation of water droplets on his skin.  When User B visits the same waterfall a month later she can access the index of experiential data from User A's broadcast.  

Or,  perhaps User A experiences a rancid candy at an established chocolatier while touring Paris. When User B visits the same shope the next day she can choose to receive the experiential 'review' before going in or making a purchase. 

The idea for the XP Dub developed as the result of a discussion touching on time travel.  This is a work-around of sorts as the directness of the brain-computer interface plays with individual experience across space and time. 

photo 2.JPG

Collaborators: Renata Kuba and Hugo Luce.