Concepts to keep in mind.  

Categories: {y-axis :{Natural Balance: Human Miscalculation]} ,{ x-axis :{Humanism : Self Interest}}

A map of themes to address/keep in mind while shaping an outline for a short screenplay, sequence, or feature outline which: 

  1. setting includes future scenarios (drawing from Energy, Future of New Media/Infrastructure, Engineering Bodies of War & Anthropocene concepts) 
  2. main character is an AI who is operationally/intellectually limited by her creators but who can ostensibly make boolean judgements (based on knowledge within her reach) without emotional compromise. 
  3. presents ethical and emotional dynamics at the heart of 'the human condition'
  4. attempts to challenge/address the limitations of verbal language and fiction/storytelling to communicate a richer, accurate, more complete picture of reality.  
  5. is a personal exploration of systems thinking, scenario planning through science fiction screenwriting 
  6. final presentation will be a reading, or a visualization of the outline text. 


Three hours of absolute silence and observation of social interactions around me. 


Science fiction author, philosopher, cyberneticist, HCI, Artificial Intelligence researcher. 


Useful to start thinking about it in macro terms: Machine vs. Self/ Machine vs. Society nested within a Man vs. Nature story?  Or Man vs. Society.  

How to create a narrative which is both engrossing and well-paced and which constructs a plausible world. 

How to examine the ethics and semantics of imagemaking and selective reality-recreation. Important as films can be so seductive if successful.  Interesting challenge lies in creating a persuasive film which is not just a means to it's own self-referential ends.  

Should the presentation be a performance as the AI character with screenplay as backstory? How to work a standalone, interactive performance dynamically into a set with the screenplay?