Modular utilities/appliance systems for the New Era. 

Smil's text asserts:  electric lighting, heating, small motors related to temperature regulation of spaces are respectively the most significant use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil.   If we want to put effort towards compressing our energy waste and usage these are the major energy terminals or leverage points to focus on with perhaps ideally rather than pragmatically a more thoughtful planning of  where populations settle and live in relation to each other, their food sources, and energy efficiency in a climatologically shifting world. 


Design & prototype a modular communal circuit system which can be attached to a give solar, kinetic, or piezoelectric source, and a custom appliance load or actuator. 

The idea is to have these as a public infrastructure resource for a speculative post-climate recognition era to: 

  1.  reduce manufacturing & transportation costs
  2. reduce consumption
  3. encourage communality and energy efficiency
  4. enables communities and individuals to 'travel light' for a climate adaptive nomadism. 
  5. community members are distributed loads and energy sources.


  1. quantify energy usage and efficiencies
  2. consult experts/research for design and user utilitiy
  3. design for 3 types of useful common "combined" circuits
  4. research most common circuit designs 
  5. research existing systems concepts
  6. propose 3 different scenarios or possible installation locations (e.g. etched into a public building wall)