initial brainstorms for Energy final project: an ideal energy scenario/alternate reality which 

  • assumes the Green Revolution was averted with alternative humanitarian efforts like global economic stimulation, education, birth control schemes
  • proposes to balance arable land with that land area which is climatologically suitable for human comfort/health naturally (heating, cooling, humidity control, lighting is a non-issue)
  • energy intensive activities are largely dedicated to innovation and manufacture of increasingly energy efficient technologies and infrastructure
  • explores semi-nomadic, permaculture, and rewilding practices in an ideal situation
  • seeks to radically minimize human work as much as possible while maintaining high living standards for nutrition, health, intellectual novelty, stimulation, connectivity.  
  • explores/borrows ideas from rewilding movement, no-growth economy and other alternate propositions
  • is grounded in high-resolution ballpark figures for energy efficiencies in transportation, agriculture, permanent and nomadic infrastructure (necessary manufacturing, defense, education/research.)
  • seeks to align humanity's energy needs with solar-fed open systems rather than closed systems.