My thesis is about computational analysis design for storytelling.  

It's  intended as an alternative, visualized understanding of physics/reality/dimensionality and ultimately the infinitely resolved connectedness of entropic systems.  I'd like to make this art as a way to have deep philosophical interactions with engineers, scientists, artists, thinkers, animals, and androids throughout all time.

catherine_Rehwinkel_Thesis =

[{a:['A computational, Bayesian model for film theory',

{b:{‘a use case': 'a conceptual design for a science-fiction universe', {'an android protagonist's: [' embodiment', 'algorithms', 'understanding of human perception of causality through film language and film narrative', {who:('experiences the world as if she is watching a film', 'expresses probabilistic/persuasive courses of action', {to:(human peers, family members)}, {via:('film language', 'narrative structure')})}}}},

{c:{design:{‘a hierarchical data architecture for machine learning to': 'parse film as an n-dimensional film-frame index’}}},
{i:{‘algorithms': {1: 'trains a neural network on director intention and audience reaction'}, {2: 'parses the features correlated with the persuasive success of a film’}}}}];