Here I will continue to organize my ideas pertaining to the thesis I began at ITP. 

Use sketchup to experiment with radial arrays of images for developing testing and training data.  The physical and visual necessitate human readability and a certain level of design-by-hand.  

Create a UML-like language which communicates relational data at high resolution but human-readability.   Ponder how language fits into all this - inadequate compared to visual language as a proto-communication protocol between machine and human sight and meaningful association. 

50 frames of a radial array in Sketchup.  Change line style and different fills on each side of the rectangle surface. 

This image represents 50 frames in a radial array.  Figure out in Ruby Sketchup API how to fill shape/entity texture/face with unique jpegs representing keyframes from a scene or pages of a screenplay pdf. 

clipping from Sketchup shader resolution provides interesting cues about angle of object in orthogonal camera perspective. 

 two possible camera trajectories over a two-second period. 

two possible camera trajectories over a two-second period. 



trajectory lens, radial array