A scene from a story-within-a-story: when android Semi pens a story about the collective non-human animal experience of the final destruction of globalized human society all the human characters are puzzled as to why Semi would find it interesting.  This miscommunication between Semi and her humans signals the end of communication as we know it. 

A south Florida porn house undergoes a psychic transformation when an experimental virtual reality production escapes control. 

below are perspective-design boards for a spatio-temporal ghost story involving choir children in an austere Van der Rohe confection.  Perhaps my framework can bring the intellectual interest I have in horror and the supernatural to the immersive screen. 

Below is a multi-perspective design sketch for a single, frozen time frame (1/24 of a second). It serves as a teaser for a futurist colonial story set in an unspecified 'preserve' upon which humans live in a fish-bowl like biodome which serves to protect the remainders of a ravaged environment from them.  Looking in from the outside as safe observers wild animals project their mental energy into the protective space curious about the human drama within.